it's my world

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

to : my lovely mom

dear my dearest mom...

keep my eyes in the stars,
i'm your daughter,
perhaps you can give a house for my body,
but you can't give it for my life,my mind...
i'm is me,,
with a soft feel,a little finger..
you give me love,that shine in my heart
always guide me through the night,
guide me to God,the right street..the right way...
thanks for all,I love you so much.


my life is my colour,
give me a freedom to draw it myself,to choice my colour...
but don't leave me,always sharp my pencil,always guide me to draw in line..
don't let me alone.
I need you
always stay in my side mom...

with love
I don't wanna let you down

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